Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Democracy Is My Religion November 2014

Normally I do not see 5 am, but Tuesday morning I did.

  I was up early to go to a neighborhood that oil money built, so I could spend the day in a  building built on superstition and run on delusion. Yes I was going to be a poll worker in a church.

The movers had set up the rickety voting booths we use here in the north, and I could see that our chairwoman was already in the building.
The rest of our crew showed up and we busied about setting up the business of voting. We were ready by 8 and so were our voters that had lined up outside.
Our Diebold electronic ballot box was not ready. We had run the required tests, and printed the required tapes, but it was having none of voters putting ballots into it. We had to use the ballot box side door, and some voters were moaning that their vote would now not count.  Fortunately our trouble shooter showed up promptly and with a blast of air from a can, she coaxed the machine to life…


Working the register and signing voters in I started to notice the party affiliation next to the names .Our list had lots of Undeclared, a couple of Democrats, but mostly republicans. The young republican men especially had a determined look aboot them. You could see the hate for the president in their eyes, and that’s what they were voting against.
All day they voted against Obama. Against Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi, and against our senator Mark Begich who voted with those Washington Liberals over 95% of the time.
They voted for their guns and against their Social Security, and their own best interest.
At the end of the day we voted almost 1000 of them in a precinct of over 1900.

 At the end of the evening the ballot tape told the story, and if the koch brothers weren’t already drunk from celebrating a huge win over the middle class and the environment they would have toasted to their money being well spent here in laska.  
Red Boots in a Pathetic Red State  


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