Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fifty Million Dollars

It’s been quite an election season here in the almost frozen north.
First it was the republican primary where three of the worst humans on the planet. Our old friend joemiller, our lieutenant governor tredmeedwell, and our attorney general dansullivan all tried to out gun each other so that one could be crowned the most sexist racist, homophobic republican in the north and the winner that would  challenge Senator Mark Begich in the general election.

I really thought joemiller won hands down in the racist category with this mailer…

republicans Are All For Fair Elections As Long As People With Dark Skin Can't Vote

All along we  knew that dansullivan would win the primary. He had the credentials, sitting on citizen’s petitions to block coal mines from removing salmon streams. Wasting Alaska’s money suing the federal government to block health care, and the EPA. Supporting giving the oil companies billions in tax breaks, Oh and he has money from the koch brothers.
No Sense Teaching Children Math Or Reading

The koch’s are spending lots to get dan to Washington. One more regressive republican in the senate means they can do some real damage to Social Security, and Medicare, further crippling the middle class, and moving them one step closer to maximum profit and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.
To counter the democrats are spending big also. The local newspaper Alaska Dispatch News reports that 50 million dollars has been spent on this senate race alone, around $200. Per vote.

Personally I would rather have the $200.00 as there is only so much you can do with the mailers….

The citizens united decision handed down by the bush II supreme court is most likely the worst decision for democracy ever, but the real blame rests with the voters who elected bush II and the voters that keep electing republicans expecting life for the middle class to improve…
bush II

Ice Gal recommends voting blue on Tuesday!

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