Sunday, October 12, 2014

Keep Wondering

For weeks as I would fill up the bikes gas tank I would wonder if this was the gas that would still be in the tank come spring time.

Cool dry days prevailed for most of the end of September, the deciduous trees changed into their fall colors, and fall riding was good.

Fall Color on the Little Susitana
I kept filling the tank, and riding up until October had moved in to stay, then the rains came back and the snow started clawing it way down the mountains. It hasn’t made it all the way down yet, so who knows I might put that last tank of fuel in the bike yet…

Riding an Electra Glide with chrome Limited fastened to either side of the front fender, at first made me wonder just what it couldn’t do. Then I wondered well maybe it’s the human riding the bike that the chrome limited fastened to the fender by the motor company is meant to refer to.
Or is the bike limited because it is a machine and… aboot that time I would notice in the mirror that everyone that had been following me was turning into the rest stop, and now I wonder if I can turn around.

This is an election year here in the north, riding along campaign signs for regressive republicans are everywhere. I wonder a lot how Alaska got to be such a pathetic red state. You wouldn’t think that people without safe water and flush toilets would vote for corporate regressives that gave billions of Alaska’s savings to the oil companies, but then flashy ads with candidates showing children how to shoot instead of read, gets votes here?
Actual sullivan ad
Mostly today, well since a friend texted I have wondered when today would get here. Alaska’s ban on same sex marriage has finally been ruled unconstitutional and the ban throw out by the federal court.

Our oil company employee/governor has vowed to appeal, but the law is dead, the rusty wheels of progress have inched forward, and I am glad, now I wonder. She knew I was kidding when I texted back "lets get married"...




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