Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Border Crossing


Gamma Ray Scanners Like The Ones At Port Alcan
Pulling up to the border at Port Alcan we pass through the two huge yellow gamma ray scanners. Fortunately the gamma rays didn’t affect Huckleberry’s pacemakers, or detect any atomic bomb making materials that we might picked up between the Canadian border at Haines and here.
The armed guard asks for our passports, and walks around the back of my bike to see the license plate. I just love it that the spot the motor company has designed for my plate is invisible to most cameras.
He reviews the ports computer for our records, and sees nothing but gold stars for good conduct and charm. Handing us back our papers I notice that this guard is old enough to be the father of the border guard back at Haines. Could he be? He doesn’t ask us any dumb questions like “Is that a hard plastic brim on your hemit?” So I don’t ask him any.
At mile 1260 is the old abandoned mile 1260 lodge, and  fuel stop.
 Mile Post 1260 Alaska Highway
The old buildings doors open and windows broken, just sit empty, facing the daily assault from the elements...
      Welcoming Chairs at the Abandoned Lodge
The old buildings are fascinating but time is short today. We have some motorcycle riding to do today.
Watch That First Step
Stopping at Fast Eddies for a bite to eat the faces of the other customers are more interesting than the food.
Gas and go West bound on the Tok cutoff.  Just past the Slana cutoff the sky darkens. It is looking like we are going to get rained on. Yup the rains starts and gets so intense that we might have to stop just so we can breathe, and then just as soon as it started it ends. The thousands of dollars of riding gear I am wearing kept me dry and warm. Nice!
Pulling into the holy city the hub isn’t too busy so its gas, coffee, and ice cream. A few other riders are also taking a break here so riding tales are told.
Somehow of photo of Gandhi on a chrome cross stuck on a pastry case needs to find its way to the wall of stickers on the Tok Thai food wagon set up here in the parking lot of the hub.
Riding west towards town we get stuck behind slow cars on the best curvy part of the road.
Taking a  stretch break  in Sutton and there goes Rita….

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