Sunday, July 27, 2014

We Never Went To The Capital Building

The MV  Fairweather took us to Juneau. The roughest part of the journey was docking, our own wake hit the boat and a rocking we were.
Juneau on a Friday night was a happening place. The first restaurant we checked on, Salt couldn’t seat us until 8:00. The second The Rookery sat us in the back on chess table, with no chess pieces. We weren’t playing the game anyway, but a couple of girls at the bar certainly were.

Auke Bay Saturday Morning

The Mediterranean salad was wonderful, and the sirloin steaks were good, not rib eye but good.
Our headquarters here in Juneau  the Silverbow has a hot tub. On our southbound stay here I wondered what the pool towels, and pink robes were for. Who Knew! Soaking in the hot swirling  waters with the cool rain falling down around us, I remember that in the pocket to my pink robe is the fob for my bike, not the key for our room.  We are locked out of our room.

From The Hot Tub Deck

The front desk girl lets us in with her passkey. She liked how we looked in our pink robes.

Up early to board the MV Malaspina and when we reach the terminal and check in the fellow in the window reminds me that check in is two hours prior to sailing. I comment that we got here as soon as we could and not only have we been early for every other voyage, but have had to wait until every other vehicle has boarded. Lane 1 he says and we follow a road king with our new friend from California Jessy to wait in the rain until all the cars board.
It is good to be last on for our last ferry ride this trip.....

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