Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bears In A Can

It wasn’t a restful night in our tiny cabin on the ferry. The room at the end of the hall is directly over the propellers and the noise and vibration was annoying  , but the tissue paper stuck in the door to keep the staterooms guests from going mad on a long voyage because the door rattles,  is…Well it’s like renting a room on land in Alaska,  and having to ask for a screen for the window, to keep from being eaten by bugs…
Sailing The Inside Passage Aboard  MV Columbia
The first thing off the ferry in Sitka we had to stop and wait for the green light  at the under construction one lane bridge. The wait wasn’t long and soon we bouncing along on the rough road from the ferry terminal to town.

Plenty of Alaska’s history has taken place here. Sea Otter pelts brought the Russians here, and epic battles between the local tribes and Russians have taken place here.


Creator Raven Holding The Moon

The ceremonially transfer of Alaska from  the Russians took place right here on castle hill.
The  Sheldon Jackson university is still in operation today as well as a museum that houses his extensive collection of artifacts.  Mount  Edgecumbe high school is here. It was the only high school for native Alaskans before the Molly Hootch law suit that mandated high schools be built in the villages. The  volcano  the school is named after is visible from most of town.  
 Downtown Sitka
Seeing The totems of  Sitka National Historic Park was well worth the journey.  The poles stand along a 1 mile loop trail that borders on the sea. The battlefield of the Battle for Sitka is also  preserved in the park.
 Battlefield Commemorative Pole

The park is a main stop on the cruise ship circuit but since only one ship a day has anchored here the park hasn’t seemed overwhelmed with visitors.  But then modern totems are everywhere in Sitka

Newer Totem

The most curious attraction I visited has to be the fortress of the bear. Located in the old pulp mills  waste water treatment tanks orphaned Alaskan brown bears captive in the tanks,  stare up at humans who stare down at them.
Fortress Of The Bear

The bears are well fed and the curators say engaged and happy. I wasn’t going to jump in and ask them….

I Would Be Even Happier If All My Food Came From Ludvigs

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