Sunday, April 20, 2014

In Other News

I flew north the other Monday. I would have arrived under the cover of darkness like I usually do except we have too much daylight for that now.

Landing  Runway 15

The temperature was right at freezing so the light jacket I had stashed in my camera gear comes in handy getting the luggage into my rides car. The roads are mostly clear of ice but on my first morning home it snows a little so riding to koffee on two wheels is not going to happen.
Spring always comes slowly to the north. One day it’s cloudy and frozen, and the next is sunshine, and it’s almost 50!
Birch Trees and Electra Glides At The New Picnic Area In Bird
Alaska politics haven’t changed much since I  have been outside. The koch brother’s refinery in North Pole is leaking  ,and barely able to make a profit but fortunately Our oil company employee/governor and most of the oil company employee/republican legislators are working overtime to give the brothers  more of Alaska’s future.

The despondent  followers of fred phelps in a valiant attempt to carry on freds  mission of  hate, ignorance and fear have threatened the Alaska Native Heritage Center with pickets because they suspect Pagan Idols are being worshiped at the center.

John Hoover's 1998 Iron Sculpture Of Raven The Creator Located At The Front Door Of The Alaska Native Heritage Center

They also threatened to picket the Anchorage  mega church, change point because  apparently they are not up to westboro baptist standards of hate. Fortunately for Anchorage,  our original  mega church Anchorage baptist temple, run by our local homophobic purveyor of hate and fear jerry prevo is up to  westboro standards and has not been threatened with pickets. Nice to know that real hate and ignorance is still  for sale just down the street.
Personally if I had to pick a creation myth I would go with Raven. Time wise raven has been around a lot longer than the christian god, or islam, and how else can you explain Cormorant not having a voice, or how the stars got where they are?
 But Shooting cupcakes

 Benefits for birds
Puppies that want a home
And  just waiting for the green to chase away the white

Turnigan Pass This Afternoon

That’s what being home has been like…….




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