Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mini Maneuvers

Almost all summer a friend has wanted to pack on she who has no trunk. Ice cream run to The Shop in Girdwood was the plan. Well trying to connect and have nice weather has been difficult but Saturday was going to be the day, that her stylish leather jacket would meet the wind.

Water was slowly falling out of the Saturday cloud cover, as I pulled into her drive. She looked hot! But I could tell that her getup wasn’t going to get her to Girdwood and back without hypothermia, hell my getup wasn’t going  to get me round trip either. To do this run I would need all my electric gear and my hemit. I suggested, we stay indoors but this girl wanted to ride.

South bound on Minnesota headed to the Seward Highway, cruise control locked on 70 I gave my standard passenger safety briefing. Rule number 1 never take your hands off the handlebars when driving a motorcycle I yelled, my arms extended surfing through the soft curve. ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU ARE DOING? Whoa this girl is sharper than most I thought, as more water fell out of the sky.
Approaching where it would be convenient to go home I yelled, we could swing by my house and pick up the mini.  It has climate control. I shouted. She yelled back could we turn the air conditioner on high and make the car as cold as we were at the moment? Sure I replied. Let’s get the car she said. Sweet!

Down Turnagain arm we headed with a new destination of Portage Valley.
Middle Glaicer
The day in Portage valley was damp, good enough for some shooting, and checking out some of the trails.

Portage Glacier once covered the entire valley back in the last ice age. When the visitor’s center was built after the film the curtains would open and the glacier was right there. Now not so much.
Forest Service Map Thank You USFS

Using the car we put a little more carbon in the atmosphere than we would have on the bike, but the car, just  like the bike when you try to turn up the volume on the stereo with the cruise control, you just go faster.
Fireweed Portage Valley
When the flowers reach the top winter is not far off.

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