Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beyond Mile 49

Civilization as we know it here in the Great Land pretty much ends on the Glenn Highway at mile post 49. Beyond there lays the Holy City and our destination for the day Valdez. Pronounced val-dezz

I was riding with the biker gang I sorta belong to The HOGS. Glenn Richardson Parks the man who all the highways we would be riding on was along. They call him Uncle Glenn but do not cross him. He was born in the Jungle, Raised in a Cave. Fighting and F#@%ing is all he craves.
Glenn Richardson Parks Stunt Double

We left out of town Peppermint and I riding sweep, with Birdie in the lead. It wasn’t long that out on the three lane someone let a car into the pack. What the F&*k is up with that I thought.
The group was stopping for gas in Palmer I watched them all pull in and then took off solo for the run up the curvaceous Glenn Highway.
I love riding the Glenn. Years ago I would lead the HOGS up the Glenn. Riding along surfing through the corners I would glance in the mirror once or twice. Once it looked like there were lots of bikes following me, then next glance it looked like maybe not so many, then sure enough there would be a lone headlight racing up to the front. Hersey it was. He would race up to the front to tell me someone crashed. No one ever died, but some got beat up, and riding solo today I think Hersey would run those newbies off the road just so he could race to the front.

Pulling into Eureka Lodge my old pal Sizzling Hippie Siz for short was out front smoking.  It was aboot 15 minutes to 12, the cut off point for breakfast at the lodge. I wanted a omelet, but the food service professional taking my order said breakfast was over as a bus load of bikers..The HOGS I left behind were on their way to the lodge. No exceptions the man at the grill said. I ordered a bacon and egg sandwich on wheat bread. Best breakfast I never ate.
Sizzling Hippi Stunt Double
From Eureka to the Holy City I rode solo but siz was not far behind. We waited for the group and then led them into Valdez

Worthington Glacier

We stopped at Cal Worthington glacier, the only glacier named after a used car salesman. Then at horsetail falls.
Bikes at the falls

It was a great day of riding with lots of SUN! Good friends! And bidness as usual as regressives declare war on the environment.


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