Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take Away The Guns!

Another senseless NRA endorsed tragedy in Colorado. Living that high up on the Rockies really seam to give violent well armed murders the edge. Columbine comes to mind.
Are TSA security scans coming to a moovie theater near you?

I simply do not see where easy access to weapons are making us a safer politer society. I think it's quite the contrary, and why does anyone need a  machine gun? They are not for hunting, unless you are hunting humans.

Down at Potter Marsh this afternoon the gun wielding faithful were firing away across the highway at the Rabbit Creek Rifle Range.

You could smell the cordite, and hear the report,  as boys and girls blasted away at their fears standing before them on paper targets.


Almost every laskan is armed. It's there god given right! We have gun shops in strip malls. You can purchase all the ammo they have on hand right along with your bananas and eggs at Fred Meyer.
On its Department of Corrections web site the State of Alaska clearly states that the prison system here is the largest provider of mental health care. Wow that says a lot about our society. So does senseless violence. Take away the guns!

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  1. I've never understood the idea that everyone walking around armed to the teeth was a good idea and a "balance of power." Most police say having more than one active shooter makes their job harder, not easier. And if everyone is packing heat, we're back to the Old West mentality - and didn't we try to MOVE AWAY from that into something more civilized the first time around?