Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Today on the radio. The Channel that the regressives want to permanently squelch  National Public Radio   was a story aboot some scientists looking at satellite imagery of the Greenland Ice cap. Apparently on July 8 the picture showed 40% of the ice cap with surface melting. On July 12 over 97% of the entire land mass of Greenland was melting.  
Over the skies of Anchorage this afternoon
One would think that this news would be of major concern to people living along the coast, or people inland who might not want to live along the coast. You might even think that since global climate change is caused by humans, that humans would be taking some major steps to stop killing all the things that keep them alive on this planet…But no. Science is too hard.

That little plane that was spewing fuel all over the skis of Anchorage, spelling out AIR SHOW was doing just the opposite, and this weekend the people that  fly fighter jets up, and down, and  all around all day long, the people that can pack up enough solders, and bombs to take war anywhere it’s needed on  a moment’s notice. Our friends and neighbors to the north of town, joint base Jber will be displaying, and preforming with the best weapons delivery systems that the best military industrial complex on earth has come up with.
The low mileage pickup trucks will be lined up at the gate, to parade bumper to bumper to the parking tarmac. The Air Force Thunderbirds will rocket through the skies over Anchorage, the koch brothers will ship in an extra train of jet fuel, and use the profits to support the regressive man with a name like a cat mittens for president,  and in Greenland the ice cap will melt just a little more…

A Blast From The Past  And Still Relevant

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