Friday, June 29, 2012

Your Papers Please

Traveling last week I crossed the amerikan Canadian border 4 times. The first time I entered Yukon at Little Gold Creek, was the first time I ever saw the Canadian border guards armed. The women guarding the Canadian border coming out of Haines had no guns, only a much sharper wit than there armed coworkers at Little Gold Creek.

Entering laska, at Skagway I noticed that traffic was funneled to the officer at the gate through two huge metal structures that had in their middle plastic boxes, with emt (electrical metal tubing) running in and out of them.
  I think I might be scanned, but for what?

Even the Custom and Border Patrol web site where I got that photo is sketchy on what scanning is going on.                                                                                                                 Inspection Technology and Equipment
Given the magnitude of CBP's responsibility the development and deployment of sophisticated detection technology is essential. Deployment of Non-Intrusive Inspection technology is increasing and viewed as "force multipliers" that enable CBP officers to screen or examine a larger portion of the stream of commercial traffic. CBP does not rely on any single technology or inspection process. Instead, officers and agents use various technologies in different combinations to substantially increase the likelihood that terrorist weapons including a nuclear or radiological weapon will be detected and interdicted.
Just George sez the CBP is most likely scanning for atomic weapons, and the web site sorta leans that way but if centrifuges are working overtime in Haines to sneak refined Uranium back into central laska, well I just did not see it. But the border will?

The Queen of Canada is riding around Ireland in an open car with her prince celebrating her diamond jubilee waving at her adoring subjects, and amerikan nra endorsed regressives are locking and loading because the Supremes said reforming our dysfunctional health insurance corporation is a good idea.

Aluminum  foil, yea Reynolds  wrap in my hemit next time I cross the border, it keeps the black helicopters away, should work on intrusive gamma rays at Beaver Creek.

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