Thursday, June 7, 2012

Homos Banished From Heaven

It's Pride Week here in the north, this  Saturday is the parade, through downtown, then music and food at the west end of the park strip.

The Pride Parade here is a lot lower key than say San Francisco or Toronto but the cops block the streets, friends, supporters, and even straight family's with little humans line up along the route waving and cheering the queers on parade.

North Carolina pastor charles worley has a different slant on gay pride. He thinks the government ought to built huge cages, put lesbians in one pen and gay boys in another. He would feed us, but he says we would all die off in a few years because get this we cant make babies!
Here he is doing his rant courtesy of U Tube

Poor Fellow he only read one  book, and cannot even understand it very well.

Killing, judging, intolerance. Those are words I would use to describe christians, throughout history, and especially to describe fundamental right wing amerikan christians today, and I do not remember how many times from the mouths of christians I have heard ...
"Those homos have a agenda, to indoctrinate our children"
This next video if this isn't brain washing  of small children then I do not know what is.
Caution this film takes ignorance to a new higher level

Celebrate Diversity. Live and Love. Embrace science and reason not superstition and ignorance.


  1. Happy Pride! I agree that it's been a banner season for really cruel anti-gay opinion to make its way around the media and social networks. One thing I do take some comfort in is that more and more straight folks are indignant and expressing their disapproval out loud. Now if we can persuade them to VOTE in such a manner that pro-equality laws get passed and dangerous foolishness such as the above bilge gets ignored and derided, we'll be on the right track.

  2. Amen! Sister Liz speaks the truth!

  3. Also, wouldn't the non-gays not be able to make babies if they were put in separate pens? Or would the Good Lord (who seemed to have made a baby in a gay way) provide the non-gays with blessed births?