Thursday, June 14, 2012

Faces In The Rain

Last Saturday was a HOG ride to Talkeetna. I hadn’t been on a official HOG ride for who knows how long, and I guess it was my turn. Helping to block Spenard road in front of the shop the group takes off west bound, not in the direction of Talkeetna, but I followed. Oh no we were now heading towards 6th avenue don’t they know the road is closed for the Run From Women? Nope traffic is stopped. Moreblocking to get the group moved over to Ninth, and we are on our way out of town, only to hit construction traffic at Eklutna. The over pass is being replaced, and traffic is exiting so as to not go under the bridge. Just a short delay and we are on our way again, only to stop for gas in Wasilla.
Just a quick stop mind you and back on the road. We are riding as one to the next construction pilot car delay at Houston. Yea Texas we got a Houston too, and our Houston has Millers, the best soft ice cream on the Parks Highway. The pilot car is going slower than I have ever gone on gravel, in fact I have passed bikes going this slow on gravel before, but I will behave today.
No one falls over and we finally cruise into town.
Downtown Talkeetna
The sun is out. The pulled pork sandwich at Twisted Creek is good but not as good as the one at Sackett's a couple of weeks ago in Cooper Landing
Before we head back I take some head shots…

Will be doing more head shots

Birdy and I walk to the river, and by the time we get back to our bikes everyone is gone. Dulce! will not be many delays on the way back to town. Wonder who we can pass?

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  1. I like the head shot with your photo effects! I encourage this exploration! Happy summer riding!