Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Most Dangerous Job In Alaska

We have a couple of reality tvee shows that focus on dangerous jobs here in Alaska.

Lets see I think there is one on Crabbing, one on the State Troopers, and one I think on loggers. All those professions are dangerous but non as dangerous as the workers who replace the bullet hole ridden road signs, with new ones.

 We saw them this weekend, along the Parks Highway, standing on ladders, replacing the roadside bulls eyes, I mean signs.  You do not see shot up road signs in Canada. Must be because they are not NRA endorsed and prohibit handguns.

 Last weekend at the biker picnic out at Mirror Lake, I shot some loons. Well common loons. Some cool looking birds…

Been under the weather most of this week and wondering how with just a little fever normal objects
look so strange.

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