Friday, May 11, 2012

Hail To The Chief

Ice Gal has to hand it to the president for coming out in support of Gay marriage, especially since he is facing a tough election.

Naturally every regressive on the planet from Bristol Palin spokeswoman for the Christan unwed mothers club, to the man with a name like a cat who wants to be president, because ALL the bad ideas of the past 30 years will still be really bad ideas, but they just might destroy the working class this time  if  only willard could live in the white house.

Those regressive. They stand on one leg and then the other claiming god is against gay marriage. That marriage is a sacred vow between a man and a woman, and they have no recollection how just a few years ago, their imaginary friend,  god was against a woman with dark colored skin marring a man with light colored skin. They have no recall of how just a few generations ago, and still happening in some countries, parents would arraign for the marriage of their children.

Most regressives if you talk to them about men marring men or woymen marring woymen their eyes get red and spittle starts to come out from the corners of their mouths when the speak because the god delusion is powerful.

Am I Overdressed for the Pride Parade?

If you need to take a deep breath do it now...Unless god is slipping c notes under your pillow on straight sex Sunday all the  financial benefits provided to married couples are provided by the government, and ifen you remember the Constitution and my most favorite founding father TJ the state is separate from any church.

Bravo President Obama for taking a stand.

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