Friday, March 23, 2012

Take Our Country Back

 The amerikan gop taliban party’s call to vote always goes, We Will Take Our Country Back,  and after month’s of struggle to select the most sexist, racists, ignorant, homophonic, environment destroying, white man to rule amerika it looks like the man with a name like a kat is going to be the one to challenge the best republican president we ever had except he has dark skin.

Over koffee today my drinking buddies and I looked  ahead to what a President man with a name like a kat (mittens) White House  will look like. 

Here is what we found:

Voting fees. White men free. White women $50.00

Voting fees Non-whites $200. Male or female. What a bargain!

Home ownership? Only for the super rich!

Health care?
Sure for the wealthy. All others we will harvest your organs when the wealthy need them.

Pure water, clean air, functioning environment, open spaces, safe cities?
Do not worry the rich will be ok.

Labor Unions, minimum wage, workplace safety,  weekend’s middle class…
Don’t make me laugh….

Homosexual? You will be cured of your sin by being stoned to death.

Well we prayed to end it. Go to Mexico for one? Stoned to death with rocks used to kill  queers.

There is no bottom. There is no limit to what ignorant people can do.

Ahhhhh amerika.


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