Sunday, January 15, 2012

Martin Luther King 2012

 King Monument Washington D.C.

Last evening at the Roller Derby game I stood for the National Anthem.
I don’t really think that a country that takes care of corporations and not its citizens deserves to have anyone stand for its song!  But I stood there anyway.

As the high school girl sang the words I thought, that if  Dr. King had not been murdered, perhaps he would have been elected president. Maybe he would have been Bobby Kennedy’s Vice President. Then President.  This might be a country worth standing up for if we had 18 years of King and Kennedy instead of the 18 years we had of nixon and raygun.

President raygun & unknown human

Just a few months ago I went to see the King Monument on the tidal basin in D.C.
The fellow in charge of the monuments for the National Park Service told me that when Lei Yixin came over from china to put the statue together his handlers kept a close watch on him for fear of defection. 

Dr. King’s words inscribed on the walls surrounding the statue brought tears to my eyes when I saw them last year…They still do tonight…

 The most greed driven nation on the planet put those words in stone in it's Capitol
The Dream Is  Alive…

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