Sunday, January 8, 2012

Apple Scruffs

Years ago when the corporations started to move manufacturing factories overseas, those of us that belong to labor unions, and some others, we raised our voices and protested, the moving of those factories to places like China.
When more and more goods started showing up with the label Made In China, we raised our voices louder and shouted Buy American Made Products.  We boycotted Wal Mart. Lots of us only would purchase goods made in the USA.
We found out that if we wanted to continue to wear clothes we would either have to find a girl that could sew, or go naked.

Girls that can sew appear mostly republican, and going naked in daylight wasn’t an option either.
We lost the battle. The residents of amerika they wanted low prices and to live better.

It is not working out to good... Lots of amerikans are jobless, homeless, and hungry

Here in this pathetic republican state, one of the wealthiest in the nation Giving the oil companies billions in tax reductions is the priority for our super white governor sp2.0. Clean water, flush toilets, and public safety for mostly non-white rural Alaskans…Not a concern

We are still shouting Workers Rights Are Human Rights. But I had no idea how terrible the conditions are in Chinese factories.

Mike Daisey wanted to find out where his Apple products came from so he went to China. He  interviewed 12 and 14 year old assembly line workers, and then poising as a buyer toured manufacturing facilities.

Human Rights violations and destruction of the environment, sadly global greed is not limited to just one giant corporation

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