Sunday, December 25, 2011

White Christmas

Back when nixon was our president Wally Hickle was our governor. He resigned in 1969 to   accept the position of nixons Interior   Secretary. He got fired in 1970 because he opposed the war for profit in Viet Nam, and said so.
He was not to bummed out by being fired by nixon, he wanted to come home anyway.
He served another term as our governor, running under the crazy’s banner of Alaska Independent Party, but in reality Wally was a republican, and even endorsed the current koch brothers spokeswoman… former governor that quit…what was her name?

The Hotel he built The Captain Cook employs union labor. Is paid for and, owned by his family. Union movie crews stay when they are in town.
Governor Hickle had charisma. If the man was in a room you were drawn like a moth to a flame to him. Never did I vote for him cuz he had that r thing going on….
His real genius was in some of the things he would say…

 If God didn’t like big projects, he wouldn’t have created the universe

 If I owned a newspaper, one day I would run a banner headline that read, “NO NEWS TODAY.”

 Some of his ideas were quite extraordinary. Like building a dome over Anchorage so we wouldn’t have to plow snow, and one of my favorites is filling huge plastic bags with fresh water from northern rivers and towing the bags across the ocean to drought plagued areas.
So it is in that spirit that I am selling my snow..

6.5 inches from Friday night and another 2 inches today
Quite a good crop I have in the fields right now. It is prime, ready to harvest and pure as snow can be. Great for keeping things cold. Can be melted and used for drinking or irrigation. No reasonable offer refused. Come and get it….

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  1. Alaska sure has had its characters!

    I like the new look to the blog!