Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

This evening at 8:30 Alaska time the earth will be maximum tipped on it’s axis, making the north the farthest away from the sun.
For ancient humans his was a big deal.
At Hovenwheep a couple years ago I saw the Anasazi sunroom where on summer solstice a beam of sunlight shines through a porthole in the western wall and on the winter solstice a beam of light shines through a different porthole.
Not many modern humans think winter solstice is such a big deal. Oh sure here in the north almost everyone knows that we will be gaining more daylight hours.
This significant natural event has been lost in the christian world of make believe.
Even the Salvationist bell ringer standing in the doorway of the koffee shop couldn’t understand why Druids didn’t celebrate Christmas.

Happy Solstice to All

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