Sunday, December 11, 2011

No M.A.S.H Tonight

As a rule I do not watch much television. Almost always I can find something better to do than just watch, but for some reason on Sunday evenings I like to watch the old reruns of the tvee show MASH.
Tonight though for the first time in a very long time we have no electricity. Yes I paid the bill. But a Chinook blew in along with 5 inches of wet snow, and well the power went out with a very bright flash from over the hill.

REA Super Hero Ready Kilowatt
I think he is a socialist

The indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest had a legend about the Chinook Wind. Seams that this girl, its always a girl isn’t it? She lived on the coast, but she fell in love with Glacier who lived in the interior and so she moved faraway from her Chinook people.  Her people would send the warm wind, into the interior hoping to have her return home.

 The people long ago that dreamed up that legend didn’t have electricity, we depend on it, so much so that I found myself entering a room and reaching for the light switch even though I knew the power was out!
I showered with candlelight. We made fire. The electric oven didn’t quite finish roasting the veggies, but the gas grill on the deck was exciting to use with wind gusts at 50 - 60 mph.
20 min. or so ago as I was writing this on battery power, a lineman working outside in this stormy weather closed a cutout, the gas turban power plant spit out some more carbon,  and my lamp lit up brighter than all the candles we had burning.

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