Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Aids Day

Earlier today I was reading Field Negro’s blog. This church in rural Kentucky, the Gulnare Free Will Baptist church its members voted to ban this hetro  couple, from most church activities because get this. One has light colored skin and the other has dark colored skin.

I’m reading that thinking wait, we won that battle like in the 60’s. Just how rural are they, and didn’t someone tell them that humans are all the same?

But then its World Aids Day and that always makes me think of the 40th President of amerika. The founding father of the present day t party (bag) movement. Those people in Kentucky most likely voted for Death Valley ronnie and when he said….

“Aids is a disease that only homosexuals can get”

they thanked their imagery friend god, that they were just as white and straight as ol Death Valley his self.
  But that statement by a sitting president undoubtedly  helped spread Aid’s globally.
Millions of lives cruelly lost because of ignorance about a decease.
Sadly that ignorance is still alive and well here in amerika, but we are making progress on eradicating Aids.

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  1. The tea baggers all say they look up to Ronnie but Reagan wouldn't be considered a serious GOP candidate today - too "moderate."

    I had a hard time being very reverent when he died. You're right - his condemning statements, and non-action on AIDS, made this pandemic far, far worse than it might have been.