Sunday, March 6, 2011


Iditarod 39 got under way Saturday. Well the Ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage got underway. The race starts for real Sunday in Willow Alaska.
Thursday night  last  my attorney Pike Legal treated  me to a seat at the Mushers Banquet. For the Iditarod tourists that have been flocking to town all week the banquet and the parade downtown Saturday is sadly as close to the race as most of them and their money get.
When the teams leave Willow Sunday morning they will leave the Alaskan road system behind, and be traveling in unspoiled wilderness for most of the way to Nome. Small villages and some ghost towns are all that lie along the Iditarod Trail. All the dog food, musher supplies have been flown out to checkpoints along the trail.
The dogs are the real stars of the race. They are born to run, and wouldn't if they were treated badly.
Here is the link to the official Iditarod site. The sleds all have gps tracking, and you can follow along. Try pasting the gps latitude  and longitude into Google Earth to get a feel for just where the race takes place.

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