Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here in Anchorage we have a Giant Snowman. His name is Snowzilla. Billy Powers, his children and some neighbors build it. A couple of years ago when they first built Snowzilla it caused quite a commotion. Snowzilla was all over the TVEE news, all over U Tube, and people were all over Columbine street to see the behemoth. The neighbors that didn't help build Snowzilla complained to the city that the traffic on there street  was unbearable, that Snowzilla was a public nuisance. The city listened and passed a ordnance that limited the size of snowmen and snowomen that citizens of Anchorage could build.
Last year Billy didn't build Snowzilla. Oh he started to, but maybe the cops were watching him. He only got the base built and didn't get any further.
But this winter Snowzilla is back!

Billy defied the law and built it anyway. He was quoted in the Daily News "We build big snowmen. It's what we do" Snowzilla is the biggest snowman it town a real Giant, and it looks like he will be here until spring.

Since I will be in San Francisco next week I feel I need to mention the San Francisco Giants, baseball team.
They won the World Serious last year. They had never done that in San Francisco. The City went nuts with joy. The Giants colors orange and black decorated every corner of the City. Some citizens even used body paint to proudly wear the Giants colors. The  lights on Coit tower were changed to orange to welcome the Giants home.
Coit Tower in Orange

San Francisco and the Giants team. You have hearts that are Giant.

I don't know just how big you have to be to be a Giant, but this next Giant is a Giant among Giants! He is colossal, and his followers are just as massive. But unlike our other Giants this one won't put a smile on your face, or hit a home run, because this Giant is a Giant ASSHOLE! With a Giant GOD DELUSION

Yes that is right our next Giant is fred phelps, of the westboro babtist church.
Fred and his band of equally ignorant followers like to go to funerals of service men and women killed in battle, and explain to the family, by picketing,  that their loved one would still be alive except that god is punishing us for being tolerant of Homosexuals. The Supreme Court today upheld fred and his followers right to picket claiming that what they do is protected by our right to Free Speech.
On some level I guess I have to agree with that decision, as the right to Free Speech is precious. But fred I got to tell you that you and your followers are the lowest scum on the planet. You are not saving us from Eternal Damnation as your lawyer said in court because get this fred there is no eternal damnation. Look up fred above us only sky, no hell below us. fred there is NO GOD. fred you have no EVIDENCE, you have no FACTS, just a heart full of hate and a head full of mud.
The Supreme's should have made a Free Speech exception for you or anyone else that bases there hateful actions on ignorance, but that ain't gonna happen. So fred you and people like pat robertson that blame hurricanes on homosexual tolerance, you spread nothing but fear and hate just because you have a GOD DELUSION. Get a clue!


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  1. I'm embarrassed to say that Fred + Co. crawled out from under rocks in Topeka, KS, just 20 miles from where I wet to college (KU). The upside of this is that I was exposed to him so many times right after I came out that he doesn't really get to me that much. (It probably didn't hurt that he sent hate faxes to the LGBT magazine where I worked in Phoenix every week, too. At some point, you just sort of detach and start studying such depths of hate.)

    The SCOTUS decision didn't surprise me at all. And I'm sure he's happy -- he's such a big media whore that any attention is good attention for him. What would really piss him off is a total media blackout.

    I'm not sure he wants to save anyone ... My understanding of his theology was that it was more into the Calvinist doctrine of predestination -- meaning everyone outside of his family cult is basically gonna fry.

    I'm not sure if that's an important distinction if one is an atheist, but I know a lot of people of faith who think he has some saving agenda in mind, and he doesn't. He's definitely of the "Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God" mold.

    I've seen other photos of the giant snowman and I think it rocks. :)