Monday, December 13, 2010

Thirty Three Years And One Day

Or a great day for Tea
The one thing republicans dislike even more than high taxes, is a informed electorate, and what better way to keep people uninformed and glued to flox news than to shut down a library. And so with hardly  a whimper the doors to the city's oldest branch library Samson Dimond  were locked for good this past weekend.

The branch Library was named in honor of Irene Griffith Samson, the Anchorage City Librarian from 1946-1971. It daily served between 300 and 400 people per day, hosted story times for children, computer labs, had books, cd's, dvd's all avaiable for a free loan.  It was a quiet refuge in a noisy mall, and it was where  33 years ago got my first Anchorage Library card.
The branch was closed because of, well it was closed because our t bag mayor blue a budget shortfall that was caused by a decline in the stock market way out of proportion and now wants to continue to cut city services because well we are just taxed to much.

Hiz Honor Dan Sullivan Son Of Fink

.13 cents increase in property taxes would have kept this needed facility open but that was just to much. To much for tee's (republicans) to pay for a sense of community, and access to knowledge.


  1. It's always a shame when a library closes. It's one of the community necessities that people of all income levels can benefit from.

    The library system that I grew up in (and worked in for almost 5 years) in big-time GOP country (Johnson County, Kansas) was extremely well-supported -- which says something, given the typical bent of those voters. They *got* that public libraries made a city worth living in.

    I'm sorry the Tea Partiers are eviscerating your state.

  2. Everyone benefits from a library except those that think a sense of community wrong.
    Hope you are faring better in Arizona.

  3. Well, they haven't come after the libraries yet. All bets are off here though -- with Jan Brewer in place for another 4 years, and a legislature that is totally off the rails, we haven't seen the last of the insanity.