Saturday, December 11, 2010

joe (lisa with a beard) miller update

Our old pal joe miller. You remember joe. Our  governor that quit, then  went on to be the spokesperson for the koch brothers...I can't remember her name. She supported joe, the koch brothers supported joe to the tune of 1/2 million dollars, and joe defeated lisa in the republican primary, but then lisa (ie right in) got the most votes in the November election, then joe sued the State of Alaska over election misconduct  well today Judge Carey ruled against joe on all counts.

I know who I want to blame

So does Todd Snider   Conservative Christian  right wing republicans..
But joe with lots of money from fellow t bag  deminth,  he just might keep the legal battle over the Senate race going right up to the  Supreme Court.
And joe if you can keep  mur-cow-ski from being seated in the Senate in January have her loose seniority, then she might call you LIBERAL come next election, and one less republican in the Senate can only spell PROGRESS! Thanks joe
our apologies once again to Capital letters, but republicans just don't deserve them.

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