Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea tastes better with Koch

The midterm election is history and what a wild ride it was and will continue to be.
The tee baggers (republicans) picked up 60 seats in the House and Senate.
The tee baggers  now control the House of Representatives, and the democrat majority in the Senate is slim.

Just looking at these little dancing elephants brings a smile to my face, and warms my heart to know that the Koch brothers with the help of the newly elected will  soon be able to make even more money!

The rest on the nation still can't hold a candle to the election results here in this pathetic red state Alaska.

Lets start with the governor. Alaskans elected Sean Parnell. Now Sean was Lieutenant Governor under the governor we had that quit to take a job as the spokeswoman for the Koch Brothers.
But once Sean ascended to Governor he started to distinguish  himself, as a tee bagger in his own right. He snubbed the President when he stopped over here on his Asian trip. Sean was to busy meeting with contractors to greet the President Of The United States. He wasn't to busy to enter into the law suite over health care reform. Stating the State was only going to spend about $5000. or so to Fight the federal government. Wonder how much that has cost us? And Sean likes to fight the federal government, because Alaska gets almost all its money from the federal government and well we got to fight them. But by far the best statement from Sean and maybe from any tee bagger candidate, when asked on the Shannyn Moore show how old the planet is he stated "About Six Thousand Years" 

So much for science and reason getting a foot hold around here.

Lets move on to our soul Representative Young Ding (don young)


Now Young has been a tee bagger since before it was cool to be one. He is force birth. Anti Gay. Has  finally realized that global climate change might be real and has stated that when the Polar Ice cap melts, well we will be able to farm here in the north . But by far one of his greatest accomplishments after 19 terms in the house is staying in the House. All last term he spent millions on attorneys defending himself from shady deals in Florida, shady deals with Jack Abramoff, and shady deals he won't tell the voters about. Hay that's ok with Alaskans, after all he is NRA endorsed, and has vowed to run for a 21 term.

The real star of this election is the Queen B of Tee our own lisa murkowski.

Now lisa as our senior senator has been voting like the real tee bagger she is. Thrashing the clean air act. Eliminating the EPA. Privatizing Social Security. She should have been the poster girl for the tee movement. But she had one problem. The spokeswoman for the Koch Brothers, our former almost one term governor, doesn't like lisa, and on that SP1.0 and I can agree. But sara found joe miller, got  $500,000. dollars of the Koch brothers money so joe could beat lisa. joe did beat lisa, but now with almost 87,000. right in ballots it looks like lisa beat joe and Scott McAdams, and will be the first senator since that stalwart of segregation and hate strom thurmond  won a right in campaign way back in the 1950's. lisa will do strom's legacy of being on the wrong side of the issues proud.

Yes what a great day for progress here in Alaska. What a great day for all Amerikans to finally realize that the foundation for humans to only survive on this planet for 75 to 100 years has finally been cast in concrete and steel thanks to this mid term election.

We got no love for tee baggers here.
My apologies to Write, and Right. Rules of  Capitalization, and isn’t one their enough for everyone?

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