Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things Go Better With Coke

Things really did go better with coke way back in 1955 when this add was on the back of the National Geographic. The war was cold. Ike was president and Nixon was vice president. Gasoline was .29 per gal. Cigarettes packages danced across the TVee screen. Dentists were not real sure if the sugar in Coke was causing tooth decay and your mom couldn't understand why the sugar high you got from the stuff made you mal de la cabeza.

 It wasn't all good. The Civil Rights movement was in it's infancy. Jim Crow laws were still on the books.   Women were second class citizens. Birth control was saying no, and those pesky Homo's were in the closet. Oh those were the days.

Jump to 2010 Coke is still around, except now it is coming to your town with a real bad new flavor. A flavor that will wipe out everything we have gained in the last 50 or so years. This new Koch don't come in a bottle. It comes in a TVeee add or your mailbox, and it wants you to vote for real rotten candidates.

Here in Alaska the new Koch calls it self the Tea Party Express. The express spent about a half million dollars in the Primary election so there candidate  joe miller could defeat the sitting right wing nut senator murkowski

Now even though lisa tried to do away with the clean air act, oh and the environmental protection agency, and stood to obstruct any legislation proposed by the Democrats.  She wasn't  crazy enough for the Tea Party Express. So the Express is back and vowing to spent another six figures in the November general election   to get joe miller or the lisa with a beard elected. With all that money you know facts won't matter here, and unless the Democrat candidate Scott McAdams wins this race the only real winners are going to be the media outlets that turn cash into political mud.
Time to put on the boots.
Read Jane Mayer's New Yorker article about the Koch Brothers....

Or hear her on Fresh Air .....


  1. You drew me in with the Coke/Koch reference ... my partner is a Coke memorabilia fan, so I really liked the 50s ad.

    I was astonished at the SCOTUS decision last year re: corporate influence in the political process. I didn't think business entities were people, much less American citizens. Silly me, I guess. But it seems the "essentialists" on the court push their "Stick to the Founding Fathers' intentions" bit to the side when it suits them.

  2. Thank you. Glad the Coke ad was enjoyed.
    Yea Corporations are killing our country and the big issue is building a mosque at ground zero. Zeeee

    The court got stacked to the right. Wrong, Wrong, & More Wrong