Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Spite of Ourselves

Alaska in spite of being tolerant to republicans and their bad ideas (Drill Baby Drill...Gut the clean air act...) Still is very pristine, and has lots of wildlife, even here in urban Anchorage.

Dangerous Urban Wildlife
 Just this evening as the little dog took us on a walk we spotted a great horned owl sitting in the tree. You can see Moose almost daily. If you hike you need to be aware that bears, both brown and black are present.
In the summer the salmon return in abundance to rivers all over the state. The salmon make up a large part of the food source in rural Alaska. On the road system urban anglers fill their freezers with fish every year. Commercial fishing is a huge industry here, and the fish are a food source for the wildlife.

Brown Bear Fishing for Salmon
Not many places left on the planet that have that much of nature left.
In Hungary A waste reservoir at an alumina plant  burst on Tuesday, unleashing a river --35.3 million cubic feet --of red chemical sludge, and leaving four people dead and another six others missing, and today the sludge is nearing the Danube River.
Now here in Alaska on the headwaters of some very critical pristine salmon streams a company Northern Dynasty Minerals wants to build a huge open pit copper, gold, and molybdenum mine. They assure us no accidents can occur and the water shed will be protected. Sure Exon didn't harm Prince William  Sound, and BP is cleaning up the Gulf, even as I struggle to make a sentence.

And I have this great bridge I can sell you. Why I'm not even using it right now. Make you a good deal!

And if our own greed and love of gold were not enough to finish this planet off our old friend that great ameriken karl rove has been hard at work helping the rich get richer, and just bending the laws a little bit.
Check out his US Chamber of Commerce, and all the fun they been a having!

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