Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election Countdown

When I found out that 3.7 billion dollars was going to be spent on this midterm election cycle I knew I wanted some of that money. Not owning a global media outlet or even a printing press I knew I wouldn't get much of that money but I could get some...Here is the election wealth I have amassed so far...

Ok it's not much but I have some yard signs too.

The mailers from the republicans are. Well they are Unbelievable. Our right in candidate lisa murkowski since about 2004 has voted to privatize Social Security, spend the reserves, weaken the funding, do what every she could to abolish  the program. http://lisavotes.com/socsec/socsec.html  Amazingly today lisa has discovered Alaskans relay on Social Security...

Who knew 71,000 Alaskans rely on Social Security?

Our tee leafer republican candidate joe miller, who in the primary election campaigned on eliminating Unemployment insurance and Social Security now embraces the concept and wants to protect Social Security?

joe has a big week planed. The Koch brothers money has  rented the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center, and are bringing  up the former mayor of  Wasilla for a joe love in.

Scott McAdam's by sticking to what he believes in. Standing by working Alaskans and retired Alaskans. He   is shining a very bright light on the republican lies, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say both of those mailer adds from his opponents are a direct response to Scott's positions on the real issues of this race.  The Rachel Maddow Show is in town doing a segment on Scott, and a friend is having a fundraiser on Thursday.

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