Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Colors

If you live in the north Labor Day begins the ride into winter. Winter is the season the north wants to be. Spring and Summer are just tolerated by the north. At solstice it's almost like the north  contemplates liking summer, but as soon as the days grow shorter the cooler air makes a comeback, the sun gets lower on the horizon, north gets busy, getting back to what it knows best...Winter.


This Labor Day saw the first ever Anchorage AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic. It was a great event. Food was excellent, the sun came out. Even republicans like young ding, and tread meedwell came out for some of labors free food.
All the stuff for kids was there, and a lot of folks were having a good time. I hope this becomes a annual event.

Summer didn't offer a lot of sunshine so will the tomato's get ripe? That's the big question.
The holiday was a nice time to get out of town. One thing about travel on the road system is you are never too far from the real Alaska. Joe Millers end of the road Alaska..
Ice Gal's fall winner of "The Real Alaskan Yard"

This property near Hope has it all. The photo can't really show the depth, of the clutter, but just think, Bulldozers. Yes some snow on this mess can only make it look Whiter.

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