Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exécutez la crème glacée

Ice Cream Run:

Today was the day for the WOW run to Ben and Jerry's Ice cream factory

The factory is about 100 miles from here at Stratton Mountain. The best way to get there is on Vermont scenic highway route 100. Zumo of the raven clan trickster gps  was all programed up and ready to go.
So I knew we would get there with only one minor 8 mile or so detour. The WOW tried to give us that raven detour exemption. I missed it.   They put volunteers, with cow flags  at the key junctions. They deserve a round of applause just for standing out in the heat, and humidity

Ben and Jerry are local hero's. They were both failing in school, and started making ice cream in a old gas station in Burlington Vermont. As they became successful they treated their employees with respect, gave back to the community, still are mindful of the environment and of the cows from up road that supply all the milk and cream,  they use for ice cream production. Don't think they are republicans.
The tour took us to a glassed overlook (no photos please) of the production area. The two lines were shut down for ?? Our guide we called him Sam explained all the shiny machines below us.  Several white coated, glove wearing, hair covered, people were cleaning and washing everything with warm water, soap, powerful hoses and nozzles.

The fresh water they were using was going down drains in the floors. The sewer was not it's final destination.

This machine (that you could photograph) controls the waste water cleaning. The water, I know it is used again in the washroom commodes, and probable many other places.
If amerika had more company's like Ben & Jerry's then maybe the military industrial nation we live in would go away and we would have peace! 

One of the things that has sadden me on this journey across north amerika is how science and reason has not overcome superstition and ignorance.
The very nice restaurant that we stopped into today for lunch had a big book of fictitious stories prominently displayed
The owner came out and told us how his  imaginary friend god had led us to this place. Actually it was the girl at Ben and Jerry's who we asked "Where is a good place for lunch"

If you ride and want salvation...Here is your shrine. Pray to it daily at 3:00 p.m eastern time, and lay face down  on a little rug when you do it.

What a great day. Scenic highway 100

Check out how hazy it is.

Raven the Creator.

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  1. My translation of the title was "any excuse for some ice cream". Love Ben & Jerrys but did you know that Consumer Reports says the best chocolate ice cream is Targets (or Tar jay if you are French). Too bad Anchorage stores don't carry it.

    Cool in the low 60's here and the rain has only been late at night. Sunny is just shining bright at 8:35PM. Long days are getting shorter.