Friday, July 9, 2010

Exchanging Cards

Little did I know that when I rode in the Canada Day Pre-Parade, it was only training for the grander, faster, longer and less watched,  WOW Parade to Manchester Vermont. That was yesterday.  

Manchester is a great little town, With marble sidewalks. Grand old houses, with large porches.
Monuments to the towns solders of the Revolutionary War, The 1812 war, and the Civil War.

It was so hot and humid that when we stopped for lunch at a  Mexican Restaurant the waitress asked if we would mind if her puppy Trixie could stay inside with us.
Who could put a cute little puppy Like Trixie out in the sweltering heat. Well the waitress did when some better dressed customers than us came in and took a table.

The ride in was over after the closing ceremony's last night.

Peppermint won a bunch of awards for riding a large motorcycle further than any other human on the planet. She was very proud.

We packed bid farewell to our buildings den mother. She will me missed. She made us coffee every morning and brought in little muffins to go with. We headed to the Harley shop in Troy New York. We saw a turtle crossing the road. Zumo of the Raven Clan Trickster gps was planing ahead.  We wanted to get some service work done, but the shop was too busy. Peppermint wanted to get a shirt from the HOG Rally in Syracuse. I was suffering from rally over load, but we had to go that way. Off we went around the capital city Albany. Zumo, struggling to find a route to highway 20. After much stop and go traffic, staling of bikes, we finally found Route 20. It was more delightful than anticipated. We went  through rural upstate New York. Vast fields of corn, grain... We stopped for lunch a very nice  small town cafe.  KC's. They had small meat grinders on display along with Ulu knives.  We met a very cool farmer. His parents started farming there in 1944.

His farm has corn, cows, and is mostly organic. We had a nice chat, and headed for Syracuse. Zumo took us right to where we needed to go, but she was planing ahead.
Rally shirt, pin...on the bike we headed back to highway 20 to continue our westward journey.
Zumo said to take a right off the highway we had come in on, so we did. Little did we know that Zumo of the raven clan trickster gps had somehow managed to activate the ghetto tour mode. We came to a stop at a traffic light and a large man with dark skin wearing shorts and white socks danced in front of us. Off he went skipping down ghetto lane. Not on crack but very crackes. We toured the ghetto with zumo saying to turn right for the boarded up building street, turn right for the street where all the houses have trash around them, and finally to another traffic light with a hill that led us back to rural New York.

We stopped in to a Pet Cemetery.

The owner was just returning from mowing and I had a nice chat with him as Peppermint shots photos of the statues outside the gate. He invited us to tour the place so tour we did.

The Travelers Monument.

As I walked around and took photos of the Serene environment.  I thought of the little turtle crossing the road this morning. Should we have waited to see if it made it across the road? If it didn't we should have brought it here. Not On My Bike!

Another New England Trixie

Oh and you know when you skirt huge thunderstorms all day, and pass by the real cute motel with two girls drinking wine on the swing, and you have to settle for a bead not a feather room (with wifi) that is not quite up to our standards, well what's a girl to do?

Well we like to take their room door card, and leave them one of ours. Especially if it looks like theirs.

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