Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Break Up With Ethyl

Kincaid Beach and Fire Island Memorial Day Weekend 2010
You can't see the Cook Inlet oil platforms from here, but they are not far away.
Three hydro plants generate some rail belt electricity but the majority of electricity is generated by the gas from Cook Inlet Platforms. The gas heats most of our homes, and the oil runs most of our cars.
These platforms have been supplying us with fuel since the 1960's, and doing without any major disaster?
 Now perhaps the only similarity between Cook Inlet and the Gulf Of Mexico is they both contain oil and salt water, but if something did happen would loosing the fish resource of the lower inlet be acceptable?
Is it acceptable if the largest  power plant runs out of natural gas in the winter and the rail belt freezes in the dark?
Mt Spurr has geothermal potential, and in 2007 the state sold some leases and...
Meanwhile the Gulf of Mexico becomes a toxic cesspool of oil and everyone looks to blame some one.

 I blame the former owner of these flip flops. They are almost entirely made of oil.

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