Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beyond Petroleum

Wrote this a while back thought I would post it here..

Oh what is a ailing planet to do?

Baby makers are going to break it in two

Make believe makes em all drool

Science should be the rule!!!

When the air is gone…Ain’t nothing

to do

And now for a word from our friends at......

 In 21 century Amerika we should all realize that we have the BEST government that the corporations can invest in. Especially here in Alaska where Veco Bill was reeling in legislators  for pennies on the pound.
Elise Patkotak wrote about it today in the ADN

But this one from the Huffington Post got to me... 

Despite more than three weeks of accumulating scientific evidence that gargantuan plumes of oil lurk beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico -- presenting an imminent threat to sea life and a possibly decades-long threat to the nation's coastlines -- NOAA Director Jane Lubchenco on Wednesday refused to contradict BP CEO Tony Hayward's statement over the weekend that "the oil is on the surface" and "there aren't any plumes.
Scientists on NOAA and academic research vessels have been reporting since the week of May 10 that they have spotted -- and sampled -- oil suspended in the water column. And the Huffington Post has learned that lab results from a previously secret NOAA research mission have been analyzed; its results just haven't been made public. "

So Mr. President you promised to bring science back to the White House, but BP trumps science?

If you are a republican biker that's Darwin...Look him up but don't use a textbook from Texas

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