Sunday, May 2, 2010

Snow Birds

Arctic Tern Potters Marsh Alaska May 1 2010

In the north the arrival of Arctic Tern's is a sure sign of spring. These graceful little birds nest through out Alaska. They winter near Antarctica. There migration route is  far offshore. When they are nesting as they will be soon, going near the nest is not advised ,as they will dive and attack you or pets. They will also try to lure you away from the nest. There impact on the planet is nil as they are part of nature.

Human Snow Birds in full  Spring Plumage Occupying there natural Habitat Motor home's gasasoreass.

The arrival of the human snow birds is another sure sign of spring here in the north. Unlike the Tern's this type of snow bird prefers habitat along the road system. Some do make it to remote locations but normally are found in large groups in the Wal-Mart parking lots, planing mass migration to summer roadside fishing grounds, and other type of road camps.  Even thou this snow bird is also part of nature its impact on the planet is huge, because along with the rest of us, it runs on oil.

And do we ever love oil. We have made it a very large part of our lives. We are at two wars  for it.  This computer is full of products made from it. It is everywhere. And unfortunately today it is all over the Gulf of Mexico. Just like our own Exon spill several years ago in Prince William Sound the oil companies were totally unprepared. Fortunate  for Alaska we only had  one ship full of oil to deal with. In the Gulf all the safety measures failed and oil is still poring out of a hole in the bottom of the sea that no one can find a way to plug.

Tomorrow morning as I drive my gas powered car past the northern headquarters of BP I will be listening to the radio in complete comfort Should I be mad at BP for the Gulf spill ? Should I be mad at the huge pickup truck in the next lane that only gets 7 mpg on a good day? No I am going to be mad that Louisiana's  oil spill is larger that ours was. I'm going to be mad that Louisiana's politicians are more corrupt than ours. 
If only the FBI would indite our lone congressman young ding for something.

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