Sunday, May 23, 2010

Incumbent Extraordinaire

He is arrogant. He is a card carrying NRA member . He is running for his 20 term as our lone representative.  And if you are the type of person that thinks voting is not your job as a citizen, then he is the congressman for YOU!
Recently he along with  Alaska Senator Lisa adamantly apposed health care reform . I believe he called the bill gobbly gook or something like that. Stated that the solution to the just passed bill would be not to fund it.
But where was Don on May 15?

Well he was right there in the middle of the ribbon cutting ceremony at the bran new  Veterans Administration Health care center, right there off North Muldoon.
Now the VA is directly  connected to the Federal Government, and the VA directly provides health care for Veterans, but somehow this form of federal health care is ok with Don? Republicans make my brain hurt.
Register to vote if you are not. Turn off flox and rush.and turn out this corrupt entrenched incumbent. 

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