Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Dirt

Just the other day my  favorite conservative Christan, right wing republican, no choice, gay bashing state representative The Honorable Charisse Millett sent me a e mail  telling me how much better life here in the North is going to be, because of the new street sweeping program.

"I just wanted to let everyone know about a new street sweeping program underway this spring that should keep our streets and neighborhoods a little cleaner from now on. The State of Alaska and the Municipality of Anchorage will now sweep all city and state roads and residential streets three times a year between May 15 and October 15. It will keep sand and dirt out of the sewer system and it’s required for the city to renew its EPA storm and sewer system permit."

Naturally I was suspicious of this, especially coming from a Representative that thinks our 1970's era waste water plant is ok fine because it has a discharge exemption for turbidity.
Still I was pleased with the cleaner streets, and less dust, because normally our state maintained pathways look like this...

Or worse. Last summer up until people started complaining, some  State Maintained paths hadn't been swept in years, and had layer of layer of mud and rocks.Making walking, or riding a pedal bike more of a challenge that it needs to be.
But then reported in the ADN today...

The criticisms didn't push the state to step up the work this year, . Rather, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requiring more sweeping to prevent sediment from running off into waterways, just as it is doing all over the country.

Looks like what really got our state streets swept was a strong Environmental Protection Agency out of Washington D.C.
 Well I betcha that if what's her name and McCain had won the election, well the EPA might be working out of these deluxe digs...

Thank you President Obama! Thank you Senate & House Democrats for giving the EPA some teeth.
And thank you for the clean streets!

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