Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Rock

In a few weeks when we head back home to amerika we will be sailing out of Southhampton Great Briton, and today because of its location on the Strait of Gibraltar we got to visit Gibraltar a colony of Briton.

It was not sunny and warm for our first day on the Mediterranean in fact it was windy and rainy, but that wasn’t going to stop us from getting to the top on the rock.

I suited up for the weather with long trousers and a good rain jacket, and went down stairs to meet our tour, that was scheduled to take a tram to the top. We shuffled off the ship, boarded the bus and took off through morning traffic for the bottom of the tram.
I was quite surprised when our bus pulled out onto the road and our driver steered to the right side of the road, along with all the other vehicles, but then this is Briton not Great Briton. Our driver skillfully got us to the tram station, and before opening the door announced that the tram had closed due to the weather, and that he would return us all to the ship or drop us in town but not both. Quite a lot of grumbling occurred from our fellow passengers, and sensing that these people were only making matters worse, we got off the bus to explore the town and to find another way to the top of the rock and the turd chucking monkeys that live there.

It wasn’t raining to hard as we strolled towards the center of town, our rain coats were working as planned. I spotted an espresso shop and we decided that koffee would be in order. This shop also had extremely strong wi-fi. Quite a bonus.

After koffee we spotted a empty cab and asked to be taken to the rock. He told us that he couldn’t go there as it was out of his zone, but if we were to stand in the now downpour that another cab might come by and be able to take us to the top.

We should have had that driver take us back to the ship, but we didn’t and instead tested our rain gear by walking back to the ship. My coat worked perfectly and kept my top dry. However, all the water ran off soaking my trousers and so by the time we got back to the ship my trousers must have weighed 50 lbs. or so.

It didn’t take long to warm back up, especially using the steam room but most of the day was now shot so getting to the top was out of the question, but its just as well as I don’t like monkeys all that much anyway.


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