Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Entrance

The ride out here in the mid-morning Sydney traffic was not too white knuckle. It involved a couple of tunnels, and I think we went under the Sydney harbor at some point, but it was quite dry and didn’t even need the cars wipers, that I have mostly identified are where the turn signals are on, my car. I was wondering if we would ever get out of the city, and onto the coastal motorway, and When we did, the roadway was a nice divided highway, light traffic and surrounded by trees covering the rolling hills of this part of Australia.

We even took the tourist bypass expecting to find some attractions, perhaps even a walkabout. We found none of that but did enjoy the two-lane road that passed by several farms. The tourist bypass would be the way to travel if we were on bikes, and knew where you were going.

Without a map or even a phone gps signal to give us some idea where we might end up, we decided to turn back to the motorway, so that we would reach our destination, Terrigal in time to do some exploring.

Back on the motorway we kept seeing signs for “The Entrance”. What the heck is that? Is there an exit we wondered? Terrigal is near “The Entrance” so the odds were in our favor that we would solve this Australian mystery.

The town of Terrigal sits along the Tasman sea coast. Parts of the coast line is rocky cliffs that give way to steep sandy beaches that support kelp beds, and surfers. the kelp dances in the waves, as the surfer’s dance on top. Some quite skillfully ride the crest and cut out over the top to ride the next wave. The water isn’t cold, but it isn’t the warm Atlantic either, and the other day walking in the afternoon thunder storm I got wetter from fresh water than from the salt water.

Our lodging here at the Terrigal Lodge is very nice. In the pool the metal swordfish glides effortless under the pools water fall. The hot tub or spa as it is called here looks like a space ship, with shinny chrome nozzles of every size in every corner. Tiny led lights that change from red, to green, to blue, and even, as I discovered quite by accident a geyser, that erupted from the under the warm watery depths

And the entrance well there is lots to explore.


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