Sunday, March 19, 2017

No Ice Water

There were two things I did not like aboot New Zealand but I forgot what the first thing was, and the second was that our lunch wasn’t up to the quality of the other meals we have had. So, if you come to Regland do not eat at George’s

Coffee has been good. Plenty of espresso shops and when I have asked for a drink not on the menu I have always gotten a good drink. Today on our on our short drive here today we stopped for coffee at the Te Uka Roast Office.
The Roast Office

I ordered a flat white with an extra shot. it tasted fine, and sitting in the morning sun made it even better. When I poked into the shop to look around, I found the owner/ head roaster hard at work on his hand crafted small batch air roaster.
Owner Head Roaster

He told me that his first roaster was a blow torch and with some help from his brother’s metal shop they just kept building roasters that would work for them. Good coffee and good people.

Our next stop after coffee was another short drive up to see the local version of Bridal Veil Falls.

In the falls car park was the first place in New Zealand where I have seen any rubbish, and for some strange coincidence it was fast food containers from an amerikan fast food operation.

The trail to the falls started at the top of the falls and you walked down to the bottom on a well-maintained gravel path, wooden steps and boardwalk.  Vistas at the midway point and bottom offer a chance to take photos and on the way back up catch your breath.

All our lodging here has been exceptional. All the rooms have had hot pots, all have had microwaves, refrigerators, cutlery, cups, glasses, plates, tea, coffee, hot chocolate,  a ½ pint of milk, ground coffee, a coffee plunger  hair dryers, irons (that I actually used) Ironing boards free guest washers and dryers, spotlessly clean rooms, friendly helpful staff, and  nice towels, all for a price that is comparable to a room in amerika without half the amenities, thread bare towels, and bedding so worn that it was around before everything was made in China. 
Boots On The Ground

The time here was too short. We only looked at a small part of the North Island. The ever-elusive Royal Spoonbill remains elusive and un seen. The ship will bring us back around both islands in a couple of weeks, and we can watch the South Island sail by with ice in our water.



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