Wednesday, March 9, 2016


 The ship stopped in Aruba for the day.  Oranjestad the capital city has an actual outpost of the motor company instead of a mere t shirt shop. We saw it last time when on the Panama Canal journey and the ship called there. That journey there was no time left to visit as we rode on the big bus for most of the day, seeing Aruba through the bus windows.

 Oranjestad Harbor

Today was going to be different. We had no shore excursions, and the entire day to wander around the city on our own.
After clearing the ship we headed directly to the Motor Company’s store. It was only a short walk, and the humidity and heat were not too bad. It took no time at all to reach our destination, and upon arrival we discovered the outpost closed due to remodeling of the stores electrical system.

Oranjestad Aruba

With the shop dark it was necessary to implement plan b, and with plenty of time we wandered around seeking out trinkets and the seeder less tourist part of town, and were not disappointed as we discovered Rancho City with the remains of an old kiln, that nowadays provided shelter for the islands less fortunate.
The Kiln of Oranjestad
We wandered some more but with lunch time rapidly approaching it was deemed that returning to the ship would be the best option available. Back on board the time passed rapidly. Our culinary team who had been working hard since we left lured us to the buffet. It was soon time to sail.  
Oranjestad Sail Away
Since the afternoon mostly was spent sampling the wares that our culinary team prepares we would be ready for our next port of call, Bonaire and the city of Kralendijk where riding pedal bikes to a flamingo sanctuary was scheduled.  
And with any luck we will wake up in our next port of call, Bonaire and the city of Kralendijk in time for breakfast.  



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