Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Laundry Day

It happens when you are on the road, your clothes get dirty and you have to get them washed. The same thing happens at home except you have your own laundry gear.

We did a load of clothes when we came on board the ship. I think it was the second day at sea. Everything in this ships laundry room worked. Even the change machines that dispensed tokens for the washers and dryers.

With a cabin full of clean laundry we set off to play in the ocean.

Local Food Truck

We did a thing called SUNBA, which is diving under water attacked to a diving tank that sits on a little raft floating on the surface.

The SNUBA folks were not as organized as some places. They had plenty of tanks, masks and such, but not enough divers to take everyone out at once. We ended waiting in the hot Caribbean sun for quite a while, before out turn in the water.
Then if waiting to get in the water wasn’t long enough we had to wait on the bus as two of our fellow passengers took off and neglected to tell anyone that they were going back to the ship on their own.  

At Barbados on another shore side adventure we took off on a sail boat for a long ride along the islands shore.  We stopped first for some snorkeling, and then moved to another location to see a couple of sea turtles the guides regularly feed.
Sea Turtle Swimming Right To Me

The turtle appeared as if on cue, and proceeded to swim around grabbing at bits of bread. The turtle was big, and it was a bit unnerving to be near to it in, its element, and the ocean.
At our last stop a U.S. possession, Saint Thomas, where everyone drove on the right, but the driver sat on the left in mainly U.S. vehicles. We got off the ship and walked over to another boat that took us out to a secluding cape for more snorkeling and to ride underwater scooters.

BOSS Underwater Scooters
Hundreds of yellow tail snappers surrounded us on our ride, as the diver we were following was feeding them cat food, from a juice bottle he carried under his arm.

All of this playing in the ocean has been great, and I haven’t needed to do laundry again as I have mostly worn a swim suit, that I rinse off in the shower.
One thing that seems to be the same here, as well as on the Pacific is trash.

Soon To Be Ocean Trash

Someday there is going to be more plastic in the oceans as fish. I really do not want to see that happen…







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