Thursday, February 18, 2016

California Time

This morning was a 4:00 am curtain call. My California time was up and it was time to head to the other coast. It was time for Florida.

Golden Gate

We had to allow some extra time as the rental car office was not at the SFO terminal but a few miles away and when I picked up the car, not the car I had reserved, and wanted, but some Nissan thing, the counter girl said to use the key drop, and just take the hotel shuttle. The hotel shuttle got the job done but next time I need a rental car I will not be using sixt car rental ever again.

From The Airport Museum

The Delta ticket counter was not real busy. The TSA Theater had short lines, and the performance included a rub down of the fashion side zipper on my trousers. Everything was going great until I got in the coffee line behind a woman who needed to know what flavor she could have in her mocha.

Thankful To Finally Get Some Coffee

Finally after she determined that a chocolate flavored mocha would be okay and after she fumbled for her change it was my turn to get some coffee. Even though they had an espresso machine I settled for some brewed coffee.

Of course the sky carriage from San Francisco was full. The boarding process became quite chaotic as none of the boarding cattle paid much attention to the gate agent and everyone just got on, causing the overhead bins to fill up before the animals could get to the tiny stall that would contain us all the way to Atlanta.  We ended up having to check our carry on bags, except I removed my camera gear and managed to find space overhead anyway.
Our Fellow Travelers
Once in the air, the screaming child in the window seat only shrieked occasionally as its mother kept it gagged most of the time. The nasty little thing did however; manage to wipe its filthy hands on my trousers, so   I am sure I have been exposed to the full range childhood germs. Hopefully they are not fatal.  
I Hope The Drivers Have A Better Map Than This One
Once on the ground our connection in Atlanta was a tight one. Only an hour. Being in the back of the bus and not knowing where we had to go to make our plane I thought we might have to run through the terminal but as it turned out the same plane we arrived on would be taking us to Fort Lauderdale.  
Just a hour or so flight to Florida. After a day in a jet it is starting to feel like holiday…

A Flamingo today and the elusive Rosetta Spoonbill tomorrow

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