Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Royal Boarding

It was Monday morning. Good things always happen on Monday morning
We needed to get the Beatle back to Budget rental car located in the Fort Lauderdale Airport terminal. It wasn’t far away. We could see and hear the planes coming and going for most of the time we spent at the hotel.

Not being sure if Zumo had recovered from here previous issues I carefully turned her on. She promptly located the stars that she uses to figure out where we are and set a course for the airport rental car return. Only 3 miles away.

We allotted extra time as the 3 mile ride here could take hours because of traffic.

The car was loaded, and the room cleared. We headed off into the confusing intersection. Promptly it was discovered I had made a wrong turn but Zumo quickly found another route, and we were heading off towards the airport, only it seemed that we were just circling the airport and not really getting there.
With a bit of dead reckoning we found Federal Way the road that goes under the runways , crosses some railroad tracks, and leads to the airport.

Waiting at the traffic light the railroad crossing lights lit up and the guard arms came down.

We waited along with lots of other cars as the lights flashed and no train came. After a bit a large van ahead of us turned out from the line, began turning around and heading back against the traffic. Soon other Floridian’s were doing the same. Watching them we discovered that they were going back aboot ¼ mile and taking another road that appeared to go in the same direction that we needed to go.

Much to the chagrin of my passenger and chief navigator Peppermint I did the same. Turning out of the lane and heading back against traffic like the others had done. Not wanting to waste any more time and not wanting to spend any longer than needed going the wrong way on a divided highway, I floored it.
Skillfully avoiding the parked cars and ignoring the screams of my navigator we spun onto the frontage road that just happened to go to the airport.  The train never came. 

A small sign marked the road to the terminal. We somehow missing that turn, and had to do another illegal maneuver to get back to the terminal.

At the terminal the signs directed us right to the Budget rental car return. We pulled in, survived the shouts of the attendant to PULL AHEAD PULL AHEAD and were quickly un loaded and heading to the taxi stand for our ride to the ship terminal.

We did not double check the car, because the agent hurried us, and I at least was glad to be at the airport and not looking for it.
Finding a taxi was easy as they were all lined up awaiting riders. Our driver knew the way to the cruise port. Spoke English, and was over having any road rage at other drivers.

We cleared the security checkpoint at the port. The guard even looked in the trunk. We were almost to the dock, when I realized that my shoulder bag with my passport was not on board. It is rumored that I cursed at this point, and I most likely did.
Our driver stopped the car and I looked in the trunk for the bag. It was not there. It was back in the rental car behind the seat where I had left it.

Fortunately    Peppermint had taken the rental agreement with her and on that paperwork was a phone number that said “Lost and Found”
I called the number and an actual human answered. I explained the situation, gave him some reference number from the rental agreement, he took my number, and said he would call me back.

Our driver turned the cab around and we headed back to the airport. We hit some traffic on the way but just as we were pulling into the terminal the Budget lost and found guy called, said he had found my bag, and would leave it at the counter.

I told him we were almost back to the car return and our cab driver would if it was all right drive us right into the return.
The fellow said he would meet us as we pulled up he was waiting with my bag. It is said I leaped from the cab gave the guy a hug, thanked him profusely and I did.

Thank you Budget for some real customer service.




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