Saturday, December 19, 2015


Traffic was a pretty good band back in the 1960’s

One Of Their Best Records

….And here in the Bay Area traffic, well vehicular traffic anyway is a way of life, since everybody who lives here hast to be somewhere else, usually far away from where they are, and the only way to get there is in your very own personal car.

This May Be An Alaskan Car But It Would Be Stuck In Traffic In California
Riding around here on a motorbike and especially on the Royal Road…The “El Camino Real” I have literally gone miles, traffic light to traffic light between lanes of parked cars all waiting to advance a few feet. Myself and some   peddle bikers were the only ones making any progress.  I thought aboot going back later to see if anyone actually made it through an intersection, but the only thing I knew I would recognize aboot any of those vehicles, was some of them had very large mirrors that made getting between  them, and the other cars  without contact more of a challenge….
We took a car trip to the coast the other day. Un like motorbike travel the first thing you discover aboot car travel is you are trapped inside with other people, who can not only hear you, but can smell you, as well, and will remember any obnoxious comment or rude behavior until your dying day, and since these people are family they might be there when I die and remind me of something offensive I did on the way to the coast that day.  I was on my best behavior!

Morro Bay is worth the trip. I had no idea it was such a cool little town. Good food. Good lodging. Lots of trendy and antique stores that open up on a Sunday.  Even espresso is available brewed by baristas with piercings and tattoos.  

Western Gull

The actual bay is alive with sea lions, otters, lots of birds that thrive in the nearby wetlands, and of course the fish that even the humans get into…

A Very Nice Local And A Rock Fish

Besides the huge rock at the entrance to the bay the exhaust stacks of the now shuttered power plant dominate the sky line, and are quite a monument to the days when you could build a plant right on the ocean, use the bay for cooling, and never give a thought to decommissioning or pollution….
Morro Bay
Its worth the trip and if you are on a bike take the Old Creek Road. It was built before roads were  straight and who gets to see Avocado Orchards everyday?



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