Thursday, July 16, 2015

Out Of Iowa

Red winged black birds might be the most prodigious bird in the country. On this trip I have seen them almost everywhere from California to Minnesota and in-between. There call is so loud that you can usually hear them from the seat of the motorcycle, but it seems that if you stop and try to snap a photo of them they vanish into the trees, and shrubs.

This photo of a hay field has red winged black birds in it. They were all right along the fence but when they saw the camera they flew off to where you can’t even see them.

Before leaving Iowa we went in search of Iowa statuary and we started in the town of Pocahontas.  The town and county named for Pocahontas has a giant statue of her standing next to an iron tepee.
 Pocahontas And Her Iron Tepee
As we were taking in the statue a large motor home from Arizona pulled in next to our bikes. Two women got out of the coach and we chatted them up as they photographed the monument. Naturally the conversation turned to mid-western statuary and they asked if we had been to Mallard to see the giant duck. No was our reply but now that we knew aboot it we charted a course north on highway 4
The giant duck began life as a simple parade float, and today is the symbol of the friendly town of Mallard.  We were on a roll with two statues in one day before lunch.
Like on all motorbike trips one bike or the other needs service or a tire. I got mine in Oconomowoc  and it was Peppermints turn for a tire. She called up to Gillett  Wyoming and even though her request for service was several days out the service department in Gillett told her she was not the only person traveling.

A message was left for the dealer at Okoboji, and we headed up the road towards the shop.
An Art Deco Flair To The Shop In Okoboji
Two techs were off today because of a funeral so the shop was unable to do the job, but the service writer hooked us up with dip dots, and key rings, and some good conversation. I even bought a t shirt before leaving.

The shop up in Sioux Falls could do the job tomorrow morning so we headed in that direction but not before finding some lunch in  Spencer, at  The Bear
Behind the counter they have the real deal a la marzocco espresso machine.
The two counter girls did not know what a lungo or a doppio was, but they were willing to learn, and the beverage I ended up with was not bad. Lunch was good also.

We headed into Sioux Falls and found the decent hotels full. Who knew? We were reduced to calling establishments with info from Zumo, and the web.  We ended up with lodging at the Super 8 on Russell street.

This place is the worst lodging we have had on this entire trip. If you are ever in Sioux Falls do not stay at the Super 8 on Russell unless you like rooms that smell like old cigarettes and mold.
No Bull Don't Stay At Super 8 On Russell Street

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