Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You Can See Chile From Here

After sailing around the very tip of South America, Cape Horn, the ship sailed into the Richmond Passage, then into the Beagle Channel. Very early in the morning we docked in the Argentinean city of Ushuaia.
Ushuaia Early This Morning
Ushuaia is considered the furthest south city on the planet. Looking at the Andes mountains from the cabin door it looks a lot like Alaska. It even fells a lot like Alaska with a temperature around 45f, and a steady wind. Another day for jackets.
Way back in 1896 Argentina needed a secure prison, and just like that Ushuaia got its start as a penal colony. The prisoners chained together in the cargo holds of ships sailed around the Cape. If they survived the journey they were put to work building the prison, cutting firewood, and building the railroad. The prison opened in 1902 and operated until 1947.

The railroad was used to take the prisoners out to the woods to cut the wood, and then take the wood and the prisoners back to town.  winter or summer.
Today we are going to ride a replica of that railroad into Tierra de Fuego national park.

Before we can leave the ship and board the prison busses that will take us to the train we have to meet up in the theater so we can get our number. Blue 16

 Don't Miss The Bus

But before we can get to the theater our brilliant and hospitable crew is testing the “Fire Screen Doors”, and this activity keeps several busloads of us from getting to the theater…

Water Fall Along Our Route
The park is quite scenic, and the ride was nice, and they didn’t make us chop any firewood!

Our time was short here as we were late getting off the ship, and that left no time to walk in town. Thanks again princess.
Back at the port they were still unloading the cargo ship at the end of the dock.

Only one fellow had a hard hat. No one had reflective clothing, and to connect the containers to the crane two fellows climbed to the top of the container and connected the cables by hand. Very Argentina

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