Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Turn Around

Instead of having the Pacific Ocean below my balcony, this morning I have the Port of Valparalso.

If Valparalso isn’t the largest port in Chile, then is certainly is the largest port we have been in, excepting Buena’s Aires.

Little did we know when we booked this cruise, that it was two 15 day cruises, and not one 31 day cruise. This doesn’t really mean much to Peppermint and I, except princess gave us shinny pins, and another princess shopping bag.  But for 1500 people it means they are going home, and to the ship it means 1500 new people are coming on board. The pantry will be restocked,  and the fuel tank is getting filled up...15 days at sea apparently  is the limit for this massive ship.
Captain of the Potatoes…
Valparalso is the port for the capital city of Santiago. We had planned to travel to Santiago for a visit to the Motor Company’s store there, and to visit our pal from Isle de Pascal Burgman Chile, but the city is more than 70 miles away, so it looks like we will be riding on the prison bus, again…

Our mission in Valparalso was to ride on the bus, check out the Fonck museum, and to ride the bus some more checking out the town.

 Colorful Houses Of Valparalso

 Once off the ship and on our bus our guide informs us that there is a fire burning outside of town, and that the air is usually clearer.
Outside the museum is a Moai from Isle de Pascal. We have found the missing
f only we had a working phone we could call our favorite empanada outlet on the island and tell them where it is.

The museum is a good stop. Interesting exhibits on Rapa Nui and the surrounding area.

The bus takes us through town, up one of the hills, and back down another. To the main Plaza then back to the terminal for a shuttle bus ride back to the ship.
It’s a sunny day hot day back on board, and after a swim all I can do is relax in the sun…

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  1. Glad to know you had some relaxing moments. You and Patti have seen so much! I'm finally getting caught up.